Detroit native Denmark Vessey, now residing in Chicago, has been making waves on the internet the past month or so with his #LeaklyWeeks series, putting out a new video each week showcasing his emcee skills and creativity. Vessey is somewhat of a throwback to the 90's, with an east coast hip-hop sensibility and knack for smart, clever lyrics that draws comparisons to Mos Def, as seen in previous releases like "Cult Classic" and "That One Thai Joint." But it should be noted that he's got some next level styles and ideas of his own, so don't put him in a box. In his latest offering, "They Schweepy" produced by Chi-Town's Scud One, Vessey aggressively addresses the industry taste-makers that stay sleeping on him, and makes plans for when they finally wake up and recognize, rapping, "Wait 'til I get money doggy, I'ma be a super dick." He's also "working on his rich white guy voice right now." Peep the video above for more antics and "Costanza stanzas."

[via egotripland]