Troy Ave has been steadily introducing us to some new cuts off his latest installment in the Bricks In My Backpack series called the "Harry Powder Trilogy." So far, “Free Base” and “COKeAMANiA” have shown Troy Av’s street smarts with plenty of swagger over some grimy production. Before the mixtape hits the streets on June 12, here’s the official artwork and tracklisting that includes features by Fabolous, Action Bronson and  Chase N Cashe. The Brooklyn rapper revealed his anticipation for the tape, which he shared with us below.

FOR THE RECORD i dont consider myself a "GANGSTA RAPPER" but if i tell my story truthfully and it happens 2 be gangsta then so be it. with that said, here's the track listing & cover art for the new project which was photographed by the Lenny S. " @KodakLens .... i dont have a whole lot of fake friendly features on here, jus people who i admire & consider them friends ie: BSB's own AVON BLOCKSDALE " @Avon_Blocksdale My Nigga who schooled and inspired me with this rap shit "FABOLOUS @myfabolouslife " cant 4get 'Action 'Bam Bam' Bronson @ActionBronson' and my Main man who im dropping a collaborative E.P with later this year super producer "CHASE N CASHE @ChaseNCashe" as far as on the production side. of course DJ UNEEK, JOHN SCINO, my bro Jovonn and Sire of RMG who made 50 cents Window Shopper, Sunny Dukes, Vokaron as well as some dope dudes from Toronto named Burd & Keyz and a few others ..... but fuk all that. im done typing. get ready to hand out a bunch of "I told you so's" when the skeptics come back hollering at you like " Yo I cant even front , im fukin wit Ya Boi Troy Ave now " hahaaaaaaaa! I WONT LET YOU DOWN! JUNE 12th is the Date!

Tracklist for Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Harry Powder Trilogy

1. De Facto - prod by Lavish
2. God Got Me - prod by DJ Uneek
3. COKeAMANiA f/ AVON BLOCKSDALE - prod by DJ Uneek
4. Snow - prod by Bayroo Burner
5. Piece And Love "Swish" - prod by John Scino
6. Red Cup - prod by Sire & Jovonn of "RMG"
7. Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang - prod by Burd & Keyz
8. F.U.B.U "for us by us" - prod by Burd & Keyz
9. Merlot pt.Deux f/ Fabolous - prod by Sunny Dukes
10. Super Cool - prod by Lavish
11. RNS f/ Chase N Cashe - prod by Chase N Cashe
12. N W yAy ft. AVON BLOCKSDALE prod by Vokaron via Velli Music
13. Shame - prod by Sunny Dukes
14. Wheelin & Dealin ft. ACTION BRONSON prod by Rashawn Griffin
15. The Powderd Life - prod by Sire & Jovonn via RMG
16. Nightmare On Fed Street prod by Chemical Beats

Bonus: Free Base - prod by Lando Beats