Date: July 2009
Target: Pruane2Forever
Best Line(s): "Today is Friday, you understand? And Friday is the only day that he can't have a hundred hoes on him, you understand? So he's chillin'."

Of all the beefs 50 has engaged in over the years, nothing compares to the time a geeky Canadian rap blogger threw some YouTube hate in his direction back in 2009. Apparently Pruane2Forever felt "Fiddy" was selling out when the rapper discussed plans to manufacture a dildo based off his, uh, likeness.

The raspy-mouthed kid from Vancouver was immediately flown to the G-Unit offices, where 50—rather than squashing the buck-toothed Canuck's face in—squashed any and all ill will and kinda sorta put the kid down with his team, even though he was obviously clowning the kid all the while. This might've been the only beef that 50 ever ended voluntarily.