50 Cent may not be your favorite rapper. He's not the greatest actor—or the world's best boss. But everyone agrees that 50 is the absolute best when it comes to taunting, bragging, and talking that shit. Well, everyone besides Ja Rule. And Irv Gotti. And Shyne. And Nas. And Fat Joe. And DJ Khaled. And Game. And Young Buck. And Lil' Wayne. And Jay-Z. And Kanye. And Charli Baltimore. And Ashanti. And Cam'Ron. And Q. And Diddy. And Rick Ross. And Jimmy Iovine.... So while you wait for his new mixtape to drop—The Lost Tape's release was just pushed back to next week—join us as It's The Real walks that walk, Ferrari F50 talks that talk, and Complex presents The 25 Best 50 Cent Rants.

Written by Eric Rosenthal & Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

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