Producer: Runway Star
Album: The Kickback
Label: Capitol Records

"Teach Me How To Dougie" was actually inspired by Lil' Will's "My Dougie," a 2007 song about a dance popularized in Dallas, Texas (it can also be seen in the GS Boyz video "The Booty Dew".) But while "My Dougie" was just a minor hit for Lil' Will, Cali Swag District's song went viral and wound up amassing over 30 million plays on YouTube. It also sold over 2 million copies. And oh yeah, it certainly didn't hurt (it can also be seen in the GS Boyz video Kate Upton's popularity. But CSD suffered a setback when M-Bone, the group's dancer, was shot and killed. They have yet to recapture the same level of success.