Producer: The Bass Mechanics
Album: Quad City Knock
Label: Wrap Records

Not quite as popular as "Whoomp! (There It Is)," 95 South's song actually came out a month before Tag Team's, and was a hit in its own right. The two songs had similar beats-after all, they were Miami bass records-but 95 South actually came from Miami, while Tag Team hailed from ATL. "Whoot..." was certainly a less commercial sounding joint, which might have led to its greater critical acclaim, while "Whoomp!...." became a 'jock jam.' The producers behind "Whoot," C.C. Lemonhead and Jay Ski, collectively known as The Bass Mechanics, also had success as the 69 Boyz ("Tootsee Roll") and the Quad City DJs ("C'mon N' Ride It ").