Valentín Elizalde “A Mis Enemigos (To My Enemies)” (2006)

Label: Universal Latino

Most loco lyric: "Sigan chillando culebras, las quitaré del camino Y a los que en verdad me aprecian, aquí tienen a un amigo Ya les canté este corrido a todos mis enemigos." 

Translation: "The snakes keep hissing, I’ll put them off the path/And to those who truly appreciate me, you have a friend here/Now I’ve sung this corrido to all my enemies."

This became a notorious hit of the 2000s after Elizalde, a popular Sinaloan singer, was assassinated and media reports blamed his death on a YouTube video that had used this song to challenge Los Zetas, the Juarez-based trafficking group that has raised the level of border violence to unprecedented heights. There’s no telling how true that is, but his death made the song an instant, tragic classic.