Movimiento Alterado: “Sanguinarios del M1” (Bloodthirsty Men of the M1)” (2010)

Label: LA Disco Music

Most loco lyric: "Con cuerno de chivo y bazooka en la nuca/Volando cabezas a quien se atraviesa/Somos sanguinarios, locos bien ondeados/Nos gusta matar."

Translation: "With “goat’s horn” and bazooka at our necks/Sending heads flying if anyone tries anything/We’re bloodthirsty, crazies deep in the scene/We enjoy killing."

I don’t expect this to become an enduring favorite, but it’s a perfect sampler of what’s happening right now, bringing together a dozen singers from the “Movimiento Alterado,” the new wave of hyper-violent, post-gangsta-rap corridos. Hailing from Sinaloa and Los Angeles, these performers are chronicling the current wave of gore and cartel feuds, and dominate the current scene with their mix of dramatic lyrics and banda-norteño fusions.