Los Tigres del Norte “Contrabando y Traición (Smuggling and Betrayal)” (1972)

Label: (originally Discos Fama, now Fonovisa)

Most loco lyric: "Sonaron siete balazos, Camelia a Emilio mataba La policía sólo halló una pistola tirada/Del dinero y de Camelia, nunca más se supo nada."  

Translation: "Seven shots rang out, Camelia killed Emilio the police only found a pistol cast aside/Of the money and Camelia, nothing more was ever known."

This hit set off the narcocorrido craze in the 1970s. Often known as “Camelia la Tejana” (Camelia the Texan), it tells about a couple who travel to Los Angeles with their car tires full of marijuana. After they do the deal, the man tells the woman he is going to San Francisco to see his real sweetheart—so she shoots him, takes the money and splits. A huge success, this song spawned multiple sequels and a series of low-budget movies.