Chalino Sánchez: “Rigoberto Campos” (1991)

Label: Cintas Acuario/EMI Latin

Most loco lyric: "Con puros cuernos de chivo comenzaron a tirar Matando a Rigo al instante y a su guardia personal Hiriendo a gente inocente que cruzaba El boulevard." 

Translation: "With pure 'goat’s horns' [AK-47s] they began to fire/Killing Rigo instantly along with his bodyguards/Wounding innocent people who were crossing the boulevard."

Chalino is the gunslinging, raw-voiced, martyred icon of modern corrido singers. His flat, piercing singing perfectly displayed the stark realism of his lyrics, and gave the corrido new life as a Mexican equivalent to gangsta rap. His music was old-fashioned, but his stories came straight from the traffickers themselves, who hired him to write songs about colleagues and friends like the murdered Rigoberto Campos.

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