Santigold was joined by a couple of guests last night at Irving Plaza in New York City. Pharrell Williams popped out to perform “My Drive Thru” with Santi. Then she said she had a special fan who wanted to try out for a spot as a background dancer during the free concert celebrating Samsung Mobile USA's milestone of reaching 5 million Facebook likes.

“I believe in giving everybody a shot,” Santi said before letting him audition. “Be nice. He’s a little shy.” As the band kicked into the song “Fame” from Santigold new album, Master of My Make-Believe. out walked Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg as Shy Ronnie, his awkward, mumbling musician character. 

The red-headed oddball timidly lurked in the background while she sang her first verse, but when the chorus hit, he whipped his body into a frenzy—doing something between dance and a spastic conniption.

As he got more comfortable, he grabbed a mic. “Where Brooklyn at,” he asked furiously. At song’s end he dropped the microphone. “DJ Ronnie,” he said as made his exit to tremendous cheers. Check out the video below.