Tragedy f/ Havoc and Large Professor “Da Funk Mode” (1995)

Album: ”Pass Da Tek”/“Da Funk Mode” 12 Inch

Label: 25 To Life

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “That was dope. I had that beat, and Trag came through and heard it, and was like, ‘I gotta use that beat.’ I was having fun in the studio. That’s me talkin’ and [introducing everyone]. Trag was like, ‘Do some ad-lib type shit.’ We were drinking 40s, just buggin’ out, so I was just talkin’ shit. And them guys, they went in on the mic. We were vibin’.

“That could’ve been Trag or Hav [that gave that song to DJ Clue?]. And Clue? was crafty too. Sometimes you didn’t know how he got it. That was ill too. When he started, that’s when ‘Fakin’ The Funk’ was ringin’ off. Him, Dirty Harry—that was that new movement that was happening. For sure, [we were excited to have that song on mixtapes].”