Slick Rick “It’s A Boy (Remix)” (1991)

Album: It’s A Boy 12 Inch

Label: Def Jam

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “I’m from Flushing, and Slick Rick was living down the block from where I was staying in Flushing with his son’s mother. And I went to school with her. So when it came time for that project to happen, Rick was around the way. It was kind of like a family thing to me [because I knew his son’s mother from school and she lived right near me].


Rick is a master. Out of all the people I’ve worked with, that dude, and Busta Rhymes, are way up there.


“Def Jam came to me in the situation with him getting locked up, and was like, ‘We want you to remix this joint.’ Once I heard what it was, I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I gotta rock that.’ And my man Rashad Smith, who’s now a famous producer, he used to come through with a lot of bangers, nice records and stuff like that. So, he put me on to the Cal Tjader album, with the vibes. I always zoned out to that record. So I hooked up that one piece right there.

“That’s another joint where Pete Rock had the drums. He found the Lonnie Smith ‘Spinning Wheel’ drums from [A Tribe Called Quest’s] ‘Can I Kick It?,’ but [I used] an earlier part of the record. So I chopped them up, threw that bassline in there—let’s go. Something slick.

“Rick was already locked up, so I just had the acapellas. I never heard his reaction, but when we continued to work [later on when he was released], it let me know that he was rockin’ with it. Rick is a master. Out of all the people I’ve worked with, that dude, and Busta Rhymes, are way up there.”