If you're not familiar with Kitty Pryde, watching "Okay Cupid" is probably going to be a little confusing, but you'll keep watching. Even if you don't get it—or maybe because you don't get it—you'll be drawn in.

Kitty makes the kind of stuff that could only be made by a post-2010 teenager who goes hard on Tumblr. She's something like the next evolutionary step of rap spawned by Lil B, and she's every bit as self-aware. The culture referencing and lyrical simplicity is charming, but her affiliation with Main Attrakionz' management and producer Beautiful Lou gives it a little more depth.

It's hard to imagine Kitty Pryde not blowing up on some level, but it will also be interesting to see if she's the next big thing or the next big backlash waiting to happen. Watch "Okay Cupid" above.

[via Fader]