In a new development, Justin Bieber has been suspected for criminal battery, according to a law enforcement source.

Bieber was hanging out at a mall earlier today called The Commons in Calabasas, California where he currently lives. During his outing, a paparazzo attempted to take his picture. TMZ reports that some sort of altercation happened between the photographer and Bieber.

The photographer called 911 but it was too late. When police officials arrived, Bieber and his girlfriend Selina Gomez had fled the scene.

The photographer told officers that he had pains in his upper torso, which he was then admitted to a local hospital and then released shortly after. He later filed a police report claiming that Bieber was responsible. The police are investigating this incident as a misdemeanor battery.

So far, the police have not reached Bieber, Gomez or any witnesses for questioning on the alleged assault.

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[via TMZ]