Earlier this week, Serena Williams surprised us all when she launched a teaser for her rap song. The rough cut had the tennis champion spitting bars, some of which were pretty decent: "I ball hard no tennis racket/I can't see these haters through my Gucci glasses/I make hits like batting practice -- they be like 'Serena, is you really rapping?'

In this rap game where a co-sign means you’re official, TMZ has learned that Game praised Serena’s attempt in pursuing a music career. In fact, he already knew she was a really “talented artist” and had “raw skills.”

"You shouldn’t expect her to come with anything less than the official rap bars," he said. "I can see her doing big things."

Who knows if she’ll become a huge superstar, but the Compton MC is down with Serena’s venture into music. Maybe a possible collaboration between Serena and Game will be coming soon.

[via TMZ]

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