#YOLO = You Only Live Once. Thanks to Drizzy Drake, YOLO has become the go-to motto for an entire generation of rap fans searching for an excuse to do something awesome, something crazy—or just plain stupid. Whether they're shedding their fears, living their dreams or getting drunk off hand sanitizer, YOLO does the trick. It's a one-size-fits-all enabler.

The truth is that people have been about that YOLO life forever. It's just that we have a catchy acronym to go with it now. The time seemed right to take YOLO to the next level, so we scoured the web for these Classic YOLO Moments. From a kid throwing a sandwich in school to Rihanna smoking a blunt in Hawaii, these are the things—whether remarkable or regrettable—that make life worth living, or at least make for a few laughs. So click through, get inspired, and then go do something crazy. #YOLO