Kanye West premiered his film, Cruel Summer, at the Cannes Film Festival today, and details and pictures are starting to surface. If you've been wondering what Kanye's "immersive seven-screen experience" is all about, check out some pictures above, and get some insight into the plot and details of Kanye's latest project below, courtesy of Logan Hill:

Cruel Summer is the story of a Lamborghini car thief who falls for a beautiful blind Arabic girl who's father will let them marry if he can help her see. So he (Kid Cudi) does using strings that lead her around palace to play music.

Kanye West says it's a work in progress but it's wildly stylish, huge booming soundtrack, Vanessa beecroft production design. Immersive fun.

Kanye says he had to get script approval in Qatar. He needed 20 camels, 100 extras, and around 20 Lambos.

His female star (Sarah A., an intern at Doha Film Institute, pictured above) is the star of Cruel Summer.

The film features fashion he designed and pieces by local Arabic designers, shot in 4 days, 3 months start to almost-finish.

Amanda Palmer of Doha Film Inst says Cruel Summer will premiere November 19 as part of festival in Doha.