In a newly published interview with The New York Times, Earl Sweatshirt has revealed some pretty huge news for his solo career. He apparently now has his own imprint called Tan Cressida that will be distributed through Columbia Records, much like Odd Future's deal through Sony Music's RED Distribution.

In addition to breaking that news, the recently returned rapper also announced that he has projects in the works with OFWGKTA cohorts Tyler, the Creator and Matt Martians. The world's been waiting on that project with Tyler, EarlWolf, for several years now, though of course we all had to wait for Earl to come home first. If only we had some release dates, right?

Earl also noted that we'll be hearing a change in his lyrics:

As part of the Coral Reef curriculum he also performed community service, spending time working at Samoa Victim Support Group, a center for survivors of sexual abuse, including children.

“That was a pivotal moment,” he said one afternoon at Bristol Farms, a supermarket near his manager’s office. One of the things Earl Sweatshirt had been prized for as a rapper was his extreme imagery, bordering on vile. “You can detach imagery from words,” he said, adding that he “never actually pictured” the things he rapped about.

By the time he began working at the center, “I had already come to the conclusion that I was done talking about” that sort of subject matter, he said, but coming face to face with young people who had suffered in that way was overwhelming. “There’s nothing that you can — there’s no — you can’t evade the — there’s no defense for like — if you have any ounce of humanity,” he said, the feeling swallowing the words.

You can read the rest of the piece, which features quotes from his mother and others, at The New York Times.