Can’t say it was easy picking MCA’s greatest moments. Adam was a friend of mine from the day I met him age 15 at the Rat Cage record shop on east 9th off 2nd Ave. where we would all hang out back in the day. He was great friends with my boy and former Beastie, John Berry.

Me and Adam hit it off right away, taking the train home to BK and talking punk rock and girls the whole way. He was a great dude and a very talented and humble person. As a youth he was a fire starter and he didn’t care what he burned down. As a grown man he was able to raise people’s consciousness and effect some form of change in the world—something I find truly admirable on so many levels.

In the sporadic moments I would see him over the last 10 years or so I was always impressed by his warm smile, his sense of gratitude and PMA. He truly had a grace about him and for that and so many things we’re all going to miss our friend Adam.

When picking a greatest moment from any Beastie I realize that within each song the rhymes are so interrelated it’s virtually impossible to pick a favorite “verse.” Instead I chose songs with moments I really loved, and like all great Beastie songs (which is most of their catalog) moments when MCA shined—just like his fellow Beasties.

It’s a metaphor for the band really: They’re just inseperatable brothers from different mothers. The sum of the parts is always the winner at the end of the day. That said, these are some outstanding MCA moments to me—in chronological order:

Written By Dante Ross (@DanteRoss)

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