Rapper Akinyele, responsible for the flithy 1996 hit “Put It In Your Mouth,” is apparently making some serious dough in Las Vegas. Not off gambling winnings, but as the owner of a gentlemen’s club on the strip.

“We decided to officially launch LollyPops and align ourselves during the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight weekend and I can proudly say there are now two winners,” he said.

The grand opening of LollyPops was last weekend. Akinyele and his partners Cliff Dutton and Jay racked in about $5 million. It’s an impressive feat for an artist who gained some traction in the adult industry performing at various strip club establishments. Since “Put It In Your Mouth,” Akinyele has released more sex-themed albums, but none compare to the success of his latest business venture.

“We’ve been thrilled and amazed to see lines of both men and women still coming at 8 a.m. and this has been every single night, better yet morning I should say, over the past 10 days," he said.

To incorporate some hip-hop into adult entertainment, he has aligned himself with well-known DJs like Whoo Kid, Don Cannon, DJ RockStarr, Mark Da Spot, and others to play sets. 

[via AllHipHop]