Twitter: @SIYA_
Pros: Has a unique sound that mixes hardcore street raps with dance-floor ready beats.
Cons: Like all female MCs, lives in the shadow of Nicki Minaj.
Essential Listening: Elevator Dreams

Hip-hop often gets a bad rap for being homophobic and there's no denying that many rappers have said some incredibly ignorant things over the years. While there's been a ton of speculation about who might be "the gay rapper," female rappers have been quietly coming out of the closet in recent years.

Azealia Banks has admitted to being bi-sexual and Odd Future's Syd is openly gay. So maybe the market is finally ready to make way for an artist like SIYA, who's openly gay and kicks harder rhymes than most of the crooner-rappers who currently dominate the conversation.

Born in California (where she lived with her drug addicted mother), SIYA was raised in Brooklyn so we're more than happy to claim her. Earlier this year, she dropped her Elevator Dreams mixtape and she's been on our radar ever since. We're looking for her to find a balance between the street and the dance-floor with dope rhymes as the common denominator. A tough task? Yeah, but it's right up her alley.