Twitter: @MeechIsDEAD, @ZombieJuicee, @erickarcelliott
Pros: They're not afraid to be weird.
Cons: They've got abrasive voices, and they've struggled to make another song as good as "Thug Waffle."
Essential Listening: N/A

This BK trio comprised of childhood friends Erick Arc Elliott, Zombie Juice, and Meechy Darko have a distinctly New York sounds and look to them. They first caught the attention of blogs earlier this year with the excellent video for their song "Thug Waffle" but since then their buzz has died quite a bit since then. It didn't help when they got booed off the stage at a recent Slaugherhouse show.

But we haven't given up hope. The BK Zombies' rapping style is quite unlike anyone else on the scene right now. We're still looking forward to new music from them in the next few months. After all you can't kill a zombie.