Big Baby Gandhi "American Experience"

Pros: Has a knack for wordplay.
Cons: Has a tendency to yell on the mic, home studio recordings lead to poor sound quailty.
Essential Listening: NO1 2 LOOK UP 2

With his group already established and his solo career on and popping, Heems of Das Racist has begun recruiting acts to his Greedhead Entertainment imprint. The first act he began promoting was Queens rapper Nafis Islam a.k.a. Big Baby Gandhi, who immediately impressed us with his wry humor, witty lyrics, and clever wordplay.

Despite putting NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 together in a mere two weeks (and producing the bulk of it himself) Gandhi is still a student at St. Johns University in New York who seems more interested in getting his degree in pharmacy than being an actual rapper. We hope he reconsiders, but either way he's still the greatest Bengali rapper of all time. OF ALL TIME!