On Her New Album Visions Compared To The Previous Two Albums

Grimes: “It’s always just a long continuation. You get better at whatever you’re doing. I was just getting better at music and I’ve had a lot more chances to play music live and I’ve been hanging out with musicians a lot more so I’ve been developing a more cohesive idea of what I want to be doing, like attaching meaning to it as opposed to just randomly making sounds.

“This is pop music and it’s just more hi-fi and it’s more accessible. At the end of the day we’ve attached more of an image to it and people are getting it. It’s very aesthetically driven but also its easier for people to listen to hi-fi music and music they can dance to. Not that I seek to make really accessible music, but by virtue of being better at making music, it’s just a lot more accessible. My old records were all lo-fi.”