Producing Her Own Music

Grimes: “I’ve always produced all my own music. That’s why I was so bad at the beginning. I was using GarageBand, I’ve since moved on. I’d just like to clear that up: I don’t use GarageBand anymore. [Laughs.]

“I took a break this Christmas-ish where I was like ‘Ah, I can’t wait to produce for myself again.’ I produced some songs for my friends who were rappers and that was definitely fun. It’s really fun to produce for other people.

“I did one thing with my brother, who’s a rapper, on Christmas. We just smoked so much weed, me and my four brothers and cousins. We went down into the basement and everyone was just yelling at me, like, ‘Turn the bass up’ and ‘Add a weird synth here,’ and I was producing and my brother was freestyling over the beat. It’s called My ‘Christmas Song’ by Grimes and Jay Worthy.”