Fans of Atari’s classic Paperboy are in for a treat. Instead of controlling a kid throwing newspapers, be prepared to take on a new role as the neighborhood drug dealer. The surf-punk band Wavves have teamed up with Vice and Mishka for a flash game called “Weed Demon.” You play as a young teenager delivering drugs to houses while eliminating any of the Mishka-drawn goblins in sight. Looks like a total time killer when you’re done smoking all the stash. This is what Wavves frontman Nathan Williams had to say about the project:

"It's like Paper Boy but you deliver drugs and you feed a monster meth at the end. I've been recording. Having fun with this kind of stuff on the side. Thanks to Mishka, Vice, and everyone helping me do random shit like this. Hope we can turn weed demon into an app someday."

Play "Weed Demon" over at Vice.