When Nas and Jay-Z went to war on wax back in 2001, it seemed like the chances of them ever being cool with each other were slim. But in 2006, not only did they make peace, Jay-Z signed Nas to Def Jam and the two started recording songs together, the first being the modern day classic "Black Republican." In the clip above from his Behind The Music special which premieres this Wednesday at 9pm on VH1, Nas recalls how record executive L.A. Reid encouraged the two legendary emcees to talk out their problems, and how they greeted each other with laughter at their initial meeting in the studio.

And below, watch a ten minute sneak peak from the special, where Nas revisits his early days coming up in Queensbridge (including the death of his best friend Ill Will), and Large Professor remembers the first time Rakim ever heard Nas rap.