Designer/entrepreneur jeffstaple sat down with RZA recently for a very interesting conversation about his early exposure to hip-hop, and his approach to taking over the music industry. He explains that he told his Wu brothers in the beginning, "Give me five years of dictatorship, and we'll be #1."

In Part Two of their talk (watch below), RZA shares his highlights from the Wu-Tang Clan catalog, saying, "The first 36 Chambers is a masterpiece to me. Wu-Tang Forever is the second, of course. Cuban Linx is my favorite solo album, because it gave the unity of the crew, even under a solo title. Also, I think I showed so many variations of hip-hop, from the strings to the piano to the horns I kept using over and over in the production. I was quite proud of those."

He also reveals that his favorite lyric he ever wrote "hasn't been released yet" and is found on The Cure, a solo album of his that Wu fans have been dying to hear for many years. And don't miss the very end of the interview, when he breaks down the chorus of "A Day to God is 1,000 Years" off Birth of a Prince. Respect The Abbott. 

[via UpNorthTrips]