Electric Guest, a new band out of Los Angeles, drops their debut album Mondo tomorrow, which is produced entirely by Danger Mouse. Today, they released an alternate video for "This Head I Hold," their soulful, upbeat single with a smooth dance groove and falsetto vocal stylings. The original video for the song was simply a live performance clip, but this one has a story line involving a talent competition and a desert expedition. It should be noted that lead singer Asa Taccone is the younger brother of Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island, and was the composer of their Grammy winning SNL number "Dick In A Box" with Justin Timberlake

Currently posted on the front page of Danger Mouse's official website is an essay of sorts describing his relationship with Electric Guest and how they came together to work on Mondo. In it, he talks about first hearing "This Head I Hold," saying, "I heard the sound of a twinkling piano intro and then a huge drum roll and then the demo of 'This Head I Hold' began. In came the vocals and I immediately asked him who the singer was. [Asa] said it was him, he'd never really recorded himself singing, but gave it a try.

"The demo was him singing scratch vocals into a dictaphone and it sounded amazing. He was very shy about it and was very surprised that I liked it so much. I was really blown away and was adamant that he'd better not give the songs away to someone else. He had to sing himself. So he did, and all of his demo recordings after that point had vocals on them."

Mondo is available tomorrow on iTunes and via the Electric Guest website