50 Cent was overseas in Birmingham yesterday promoting his new SMS Audio headphones. While there, the Queens rapper spoke to BBC Radio (watch the video here) about his still-untitled fifth studio album. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information to come from their chat regarded the current status of his relationship with Interscope.

"Now, we're in a better space because we're communicating with each other and everybody's on the same page. I'm looking forward to releasing the album on July 2."

In addition, Fif' told Press Association (video above) that he's already decided on the title of the album, but is waiting for the right time and place to reveal it. Here's what else he had to say:

"I'm excited because I took a lot longer this time. I actually was more calculated on this actual project. So, I'm saying what I really want to say to the general public, opposed to trying to make the date. There's no real album fillers. It's all stuff that I feel needs to be on this record."

If his ear-to-ear grin didn't already make it obvious, things seem to be going well for Fif' now.

[via BBCRadio & PressAssociation]