Here at Complex, we love Drake. We've put him on our cover a couple of times, we've done a few lists about him, and we bascially post every relevant news item about him. And what's not to love?

Drizzy might get flak for being a sensitive thug, but come on—he's a great artist and he's got hits for days. Don't front like you weren't on one last summer in the club and secretly cried yourself to sleep in Marvin's room when you thought none of us could hear you.

But here's the thing, there's few rappers who are as easy to make of as Drake. Not only was he obviously a complete dork growing up, but his emo lyrics are ripe for ridicule. When you combine the two, well then you've got yourself a whole lotta hilarious memes (like the one above!). That's why we just had to comb the Internet and find The 15 Funniest Drake Memes. So click ahead and remember, we kid because we care.