Producer: Kanye West, Jon Brion, Devo Springsteen/Kanye West, Jon Brion, Devo Springsteen
Album: Late Registration/Late Registration

Kanye West "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" (2005)

Kanye West f/ Jay-Z "Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)" (2005)

“Right here stands a man with the power to make a diamond with his bare hands,” claimed Kanye West on this standout track from his Late Registration album. Amidst rumors of the Roc breaking up, 'Ye unleashed “Diamonds,” in which he ranted and raved about everything from award show slights to VIBE magazine profiles.

The second verse on the original version is one of 'Ye's best, and then the remix featured Jay-Z spitting one his best verses as well. In the end the whole thing served as a sort of prequel to Watch The Throne, proving that after the debris settled and the dust got swept off, Big K was perfectly capable of picking up where young Hov left off.