Producer: Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Anthony Kilhoffer
Album: Watch the Throne

The first time we heard Jay and Ye attack that chirpy minimalist Hit-Boy beat it was clear that we were listening to the future. And sure enough, this was the song that balled so hard it had the whole world going gorillas in 2011 and beyond.

As thrilling as "Otis" was the first thousand times you heard it, "Ninjas In Paris"—as we like to call it around here—was the record on which The Throne truly lived up to its awesome potential.

What makes the record so great is how bemused both Yeezy and Jigga (especially Jay) seem with their success. After all, Jay-Z was once a drug dealer from the Marcy projects, an African-American in a country where being black means you'll always be a suspect. Yet he's not only rich and successful—he's richer and more successful than he could have ever dreamed and he's still not jaded. In fact, he's exuberant.

So of course The Throne should spend their money on Margiela jackets. And of course they should be in Paris getting fucked up. If you escaped what they escaped you'd be doing it too. Don't let them get in their zone.