Producer: Diplo, Afrojack, Free School
Album: F.A.M.E.

There are basically five people to thank for the success of this one and oddly enough, the owner of it is the last. First, appreciation goes to producers Diplo and Afrojack, who gave Brown and friends a peculiar, bass heavy beat to go nuts on.

Next, much love to Busta Rhymes for unleashing his rapid fire flow and a flurry of tongue twisting raps so tough to spit by fans that saying they could required recording proof and posting it on YouTube.

And though Lil Wayne phoned in another non-inventive Weezy guest verse, it was still a hot. Breezy gets credit, too. Not so much for his verse, though (it was alright). More so for being able to unite all these artists to make such a big record.