Label: Jive

If his solo debut made Justin Timberlake a breakout star and helped him transcend his boy-band roots, FutureSex/LoveSounds truly pushed the boundaries of pop music. With Timbaland (and his gifted protege Danjahandz) playing Quincy to Justin's Michael, they hit with a quirky techno dance record (“SexyBack”) long before the genre was the "in" sound it is today.

Then they came back with a soulful slow groove in “Until the End of Time” so dope that Beyoncé had to jump on the remix. And let's not forget the T.I.-assisted “My Love,” which was a major R&B hit as well. LoveSounds is one of those rare albums whose playback ability remains high almost six years later. And that's a great thing, cause if the guy keeps on rolling as an actor, we might have to wait another six.