"I haven't worked with him but I met him. He actually invited me to be in his "Niggas In Paris" video, which I didn't get to do because I had a flight to New York that day. But I met him and we had a conversation and he wanted me to be in it. He's doing this new label, I'm sure you saw him tweet about it... he wanted me to become involved in all of that [and] I think his idea is completely genius but for me I think I want more of a traditional structure. I don't wanna be a guinea pig.


"I think his idea is great but any great blueprint has its kinks. And you don't know what they are and you can't anticipate them. His company will have kinks too and he will figure them out. I just wanna be in one that's smooth and with people that are on the business side of things [and done it] a million times. I'll take care of the creative side of things. Let me do that, you handle the business shit, you know what I mean? I think the concept is genius but for me right now I just want more of a traditional structure." - Iggy Azalea, on why she chose not to partner with Kanye West [via Acclaim]