In his own words, Philadelphia-bred rapper/producer Lushlife is "half Delorean/Half rap historian." It's a fitting description given his tradition-referencing, forward-thinking approach. When he raps, you'll hear a delivery that resides somewhere between Nas and AZ with a Philly flare, meaning he's reserved but aggressive all at once. The same could be said for Lushlife's production, which somehow finds a middle-ground where boom-bap and indie rock become one.

All of those qualities are particularly vibrant on Lushlife's latest release, Plateau Vision. And even though it's not out until next Tuesday, April 17, we have a stream of the entire album for your previewing pleasure. At a mere 11 tracks that play out across a 43 minutes, the record is just long enough for Lushlife to make his statement and leaving you wanting more. That feeling will likely strike while listening to tracks like "Still I Hear the Word Progress" with Styles P, "Big Sur," and "Hale-Bopp Was The Bedouins" with Heems, of Das Racist.

You can pre-order the album now at Western Vinyl and stream it in its entirety below.