"Anonymous," the loosely organized group of hackers responsible for all kinds of online chaos mainly directed towards online properties of government and big corporations, has decided to enter the music arena. They say that they've realized that music has been "sabotaged by the fat hands of corporate involvement," and they're stepping in to solve the problem.

Their solution is a social music platform called Anontune, and they've been working on it since February. They insist that Anontune will not host copyrighted material and will not be streaming music or offering downloads of copyrighted material. Instead, they plan to focus on information and they compare the platform to a search engine. "The information can be used to play and centralize pervasive music across the Internet on one platform."

It's unclear exactly how this site will operate, but Anonymous seems to think that the law will be on their side this time. For now, you can check out a prototype at anontune.com.