South London musician Mo Kolours makes the kind of music that's so difficult to classify that it almost feels better to just say that his recordings should speak for themselves. But that would be too easy. Across his latest release -- the 100 percent free EP2: Banana Wine -- the multi-talented Brit blends a slew of genres mostly rooted in dub grooves and rhythms.

The title track, for example, is an instant standout with its layers of hand claps, blunted vocals, shimmering bells, and what sounds like quick-fingered acoustic guitar. Elsewhere, Kolours gets meditative on the rapper-primed closing track, "Temi," while "Keep it Up" is a head-nodding burner.

It's safe to say we're going to keep a close eye on Kolours, who has a new EP in the works. You can stream and download Banana Wine below.

EP: Mo Kolours EP2: Banana Wine [DOWNLOAD]