D'Angelo, Voodoo (2000) 

Label: Virgin

Asher: Not only does it feature the work of some of my favorite musicians, Questlove and Charlie Hunter, but not one song doesn't hit home. It incorporates all of my favorite elements of music, using space to its advantage layered with the genius that is D'Angelo. “The Root” is one of my favorite songs. It’s just one of those albums, man. We’ve all been through it with love. I’m a lover, man. I’m not a fighter, you know what I’m saying? So that record just hits me in the most human part. D’Angelo is just a phenomenal musician. This album owns my heart.

That’s music to me. It’s funny because me and Chuck English, from the Cool Kids, do a lot of work together. Obviously when we first come up we’re kind of self-centered and we’re just writing for ourselves. But then you realize you start writing for other people. He laughs because I’m always writing these R&B hooks and shit. And he’s just like, “Man you’re an R&B singer,” and keeps laughing. But that’s the D’Angelo in me, man.