Despite all the amazing sets performed by living acts at Coachella 2012 this weekend, the one thing people can’t stop talking about is 2Pac’s unforgettable appearance alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Makaveli proved all the crackpots right and finally returned from the dead appeared via hologram technology and put on a surprisingly lifelike show. And you thought Rock The Bells was the ultimate in rap nostalgia?

Although Pac did look kinda like a Grand Theft Auto character, we can’t deny getting goosebumps while watching Shakur's ghostly image perform “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” alongside his living, breathing homie Snoop Dogg. may have gotten clowned for his ridiculous hologram appearance on CNN a few years back, but Pac’s posthumous performance was so dope the enterprising minds at Complex already know exactly what’s going to happen next: Holograms will soon be to concerts what 3D is to movies.

Just like how James Cameron decided to get his paper up by re-releasing Titanic 3D a few weeks back, concert promoters will soon be recreating legendary concerts in order to dig in the pockets of all the people who ever said, “I wish I had been there.” That's why we put together this list of magical musical moments that are sure to recreated using holograms asap. Matter of fact, you might as well get on line for tickets now...

Written by Insaul Ahmed (@Incilin)