There’s An Alternate Version of “Right Back At You”

Although Schott Free helped set up the successful collaboration between Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang, he also set up a not-so-successful collaboration between them and another act from Staten Island.

At the time, Hype Da Madman was an up-and-comer in the hip-hop scene who was cool with Free. He was featured on the original version of “Right Back At You.” “P was just like, 'I want him to say something else,’” said Free. “‘Just tell him to come to the studio and lay down this other shit.' Hype—being the type of dude he was—was like, 'Fuck that. Fuck you. I’m not changing shit.'

Due to their creative differences, Hype’s verse was scrapped and Free kept it Shaolin, recruiting Raekwon and Ghost to replace him. Betcha Hype wishes he would have just changed his verse.