Cam’ron & S.D.E.

Wiki: “We based 1993 off Cam’ron’s S.D.E. (Sports, Drugs, & Entertainment). The sound of 1993 comes from that.

“Cam’s S.D.E. was just the first thing, from there, mad shit came in to that. We thought it was an era of Cam that was untapped. Artists always talk about S.D.E.; it’s very much a rapper’s album.”

SPORTINGLIFE: “Yeah, a album for rappers. Yeah. And that’s what 1993 is, an album for rappers.

“We were trying to base it off of something we both could feel, and Cam’ron’s S.D.E. was one of the many things. SDE is mad ill though. The song with ODB, ‘Violence,’ that’s like Noise, that’s like some Suicide shit. How that song sounds with ODB screaming on it, that sounds like some Noise shit.

“Digga is a forgotten producer, he produced most of those tracks for early Cam. His beats were ill. We liked how it was mostly one producer, one sound with Cam. First it was Digga and then it was like Heatmakerz, with Kanye tracks here and there.”