One of the biggest pieces of news to stem from the sessions surrounding the BlakRoc project between The Black Keys, Ski Beatz, and a whole slew of rappers was that a super-group of three top MCs had formed. Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey), Jay Electronica, and Curren$y revealed that they were going to call themselves Center Edge Territory and release an album together. The only thing is, we haven't heard anything about that project since then. And according to Ski, it doesn't seem likely that we will:

I don’t know if the Center Edge territory is going to happen. But the combination came across because of all the cats being in the dojo at the same time. I was working with Currensy at the time. Mos Def was always around. Jay Electronica would come through a lot. They just kind of sat down and said they wanted to do a group. But now with all the political stuff going on, it may be kind of hard to do that. I know Jay Electronica is in London. Mos Def is Mos Def. Currensy’s all over the place. 

Someone sound the fail horn. 

[via Vibe]