This new track from electronic artist Deadmau5 and weed rappers Cypress Hill isn't technically new. As the mask-loving producer wrote on his Facebook, "Failbait" was actually created one year ago. But Deadmau5 couldn't find a way to properly release it, so he just took to his Soundcloud account and let it go for free. Check out the track and some words from Deadmau5 about it below.

did you guys know i produced and recorded a track with Cypress Hill last year? probably not. ;) i have the master sittin right here, ill be damned if i can figure out how to release this one... it aint house. just some gnarly bassy oldschool hiphop with a somewhat new production twist... ah screw it, ill upload it to soundcloud. sec!

Listen: Deadmau5 f/ Cypress Hill "Failbait"

[via Hypetrak]