The path of a pop star is not an easy one to navigate. We've seen a few pop icons manage to withstand the test of time, but we've seen far more come with a few big hits and then disappear when the times start to change. If you thought Justin Bieber's appeal would dwindle as he got older, think again.

Justin Bieber made his big return into the spotlight with his new single, "Boyfriend." It was released on Monday, March 26, but it's already on course to break records. According to Billboard, industry insiders suspect it will sell around 400,000 downloads by the end of the tracking week. Up until now, Bieber's most successful sales week for a song was for "Never Say Never," which sold 199,000.

If Bieber beats the expectations, he could have the best first-week sales numbers of the year. To do that, he'll have to pass Katy Perry's 411,000 sales for "Part Of Me." With the heavy radio play that "Boyfriend" is already getting, it's looking like that may very well be possible.

[via Billboard]

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