#24. Fabolous, From Nothin’ To Somethin’ (2007)

Jonathan Mannion: “I shot Fab’s first-ever pictures. I was shooting an Akademiks ad with DJ Clue, and he told me I had to shoot this kid Fabolous, who was brand new, and he introduced us. I told him, ‘Let’s do it. Get in front of the lens.’

“Then I got a chance to shoot him for XXL, and then the Real Talk album. That’s when we really got to establish what we were about.

From Nothin’ To Somethin’ was a real coming-of-age story for him, where he realized that he was nice and could make a run for the throne.

“He’s one of the next kings. That’s not to say that he’s not already a legend and amazing, but the next step for him is to take it all.”