According to TMZ, El DeBarge was arrested yesterday in Los Angeles for narcotics possession after cops spotted him in the middle of what they suspected to be a drug transaction. They believe DeBarge may have been dealing, and they cuffed him for possession with the intent to sell. This is the third time he's been taken in for drug charges since 2001. After posting $30k bail he was released from jail and will be in court next month.

DeBarge has been trying to clean up his act and make a comeback for years now, and after his release from behind bars at the end of 2010, he told the Los Angeles Times“The whole time I was locked in my drug addiction, I never stopped praying. I was never ashamed because I was doing drugs … I knew I needed help. I said, ‘God you’ve gotta get me off of this, I need you ... I need you.’ He saw fit to rescue me by having me sit down in a California state penitentiary for 13 months to get myself together. That was my rescue.”

UPDATE: It appears that DeBarge is off the hook. TMZ reports that charges are not being filed because of insufficient evidence. When cops arrived at the scene of the suspected drug deal, another man claimed he was trying to buy crack from DeBarge. A bag containing crack was found under a nearby car. DeBarge denied all accusations.

[via TMZ]