Cee-Lo Green has plenty of upcoming projects to keep fans excited. Recently, Grand Central Books just announced their plans to publish a memoir that will capture many colorful stories from the outgoing hitmaker. He’s also got a Goodie Mob reunion album in the works, and his next solo album definitely won't disappoint funk music lovers. We caught up with The Voice host on The Red Carpet to talk about his different announcements and even asked about if Christina Aguilera is really a diva in disguise.

What can we expect from your upcoming book?

"It’s gonna be the good, the bad and the pretty. It’s just gonna be a very honest account of my life and times and experiences. Hopefully, there will be a connection between you and I with that universal truth. That’s what it’s all about."

How’s the Goodie Mob album coming along?

"It’s definitely a sharpened sword. We recently titled the album, Age Against the Machine, where wisdom is the weapon of choice. That should sound something like a continuation from where Goodie Mob left off. We’re older, wiser and a lot better."

Will it be very different from your next solo project?

"Everything is about soul. Everything is about integrity, honesty, originality and invention. So, if I can incorporate those things, quality is the only thing it should be judged on—the quality of the content."

Is your Voice co-host, Christina Aguilera really that extreme of a diva?

"Not really, man. The only diva part about it is I think she may get a kick out of people thinking she’s a diva, so, that’s cool. But, no, she’s a pussy cat, she’s a good girl."

Interview by Jeff Sanico